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             Saving the Misunderstood


  FHRC is a 501(c)(3) a non profit organization. At Forever Home Rehabilitation Center we rehabilitate, socialize and train dogs for owners and rescues .

Mission :
Rehabilitating, Socializing and Training misunderstood dogs.
Company Overview :
A dog Rescue & Rehabilitation Center  
Vision Statement:
The goal of FHRC is to rehabilitate dogs that have not had proper socialization and training. FHRC accepts dogs that are misunderstood in a shelter/rescue environment and are close to being euthanized. We work with owners who have uncontrollable behavior issues with their companions to provide the family with a chance of becoming well- balanced.
FHRC has a pack of well-rounded dogs including a wide range of different sizes and energies. Our pack helps misunderstood dogs trust again by teaching proper socialization skills and by providing the trainers with an increased knowledge-base to help re-balance the dogs.


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Forever Home Rescue & Rehabilitation Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to rehabilitate dogs in shelters that will be overlooked by potential adopters.  Rescue dogs that show fear, stress, anxiety, nervousness and cage presence that potential adopters will over look. We also help family companions in  homes that are misunderstood due to severe behavioral issues. Our organization was founded in early 2009. We have rehabilitated dogs all along the east coast due to problems that appear unsolvable.  Rescues, shelters, and families alike have turned to FHRC when they have run out of all options.  We restore hope and prove that most dogs can, indeed, be trained, properly socialized, rehabilitated and placed in loving, understanding homes.  FHRC provides the tools, guidance and skills necessary to achieve balance. 


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